>Beaded Flux Capacitor Parts


The other day, I decided to go out in search of parts to create a flux capacitor for my beaded time machine… I was looking for anything that would help my beaded DeLorean resemble the original Back to the Future movie car. My original plan was to take apart an old computer or electronic device to find parts, but of course you have to have one. Or at least you have to know where to find discarded electronics for recycling. So, I went to the Quincy Department of Public Works where I thought they’d have something like that. But, this time, they didn’t! I asked the man in the office where I could find old computer parts to recycle, and he didn’t even know! :/

So, Plan B it was. I went back to You-Do-It Electronics in Needham, MA. I got some computer circuit boards for my beaded Boston trolley there a few months ago, and I was happy with my purchase. So, I figured I’d find something there again… And after shopping around for awhile, I found a few parts!

flux capacitor parts beaded bead embroidery pop art DeLorean Time machine einstein

Automotive fuses, semiconductors, electrolytic capacitors, hex nuts, rubber grommets, and wire! I think I might be able to create something out of this stuff…

beaded stainless steel car DeLorean back to the Future time machine pop art bead embroidery

However, I have no idea how it will fit inside the car! 😮

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  1. >Our county has an awesome recycle center. There is section to put electronics, discarded paint ( in cans), cardboard,appliances etc. Goodwill even has a collection shed there!I always thought this place would be an artists dream. Sounds like you would have been in heaven looking for ‘parts’ there.Your artwork is looking so cool.Melisa Jwww.MelisaJVerch.etsy.com

  2. >Thanks for the encouragement, Lisa! I would love for people to send me some old computer circuit boards, etc… Apparently, they pick that stuff up with the trash around here now, and who knows where it goes after that! 😮

  3. >Good grief girl…I can hardly keep up with your blog!!! 😉 Your wonderful posts put me to SHAME!!! The DeLorean…is way cool! I know you will figure out how to squeeze all those goodies into your car!BTW…we are thinking of unloading our old Gateway that has been sitting for 5-7 years. Once we get the hard drive out…maybe you’d like some bits and pieces from the inside that will end up being recycled to someone else (unknown origin)??? Would love to pass them on to someone who would use them and do something great with them!?!!When we tear it apart, I will definitely tell DH and son to really tear it apart and keep the circuit boards and the cool stuff inside. I’ll give you a holler when we do and send it your way! Maybe you can have some computer stash hanging around for your next vehicle or venture! ;-)And, oh, so great…”if at first you don’t succeed, bead, bead again” !!! Thank you 😀 for reminding me and others and passing that on! I believe that is so true. You always share of yourself and are such a leader!~Lisa ;-)Keep pursuing art…life and your dreams!!!

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