>Beading on Acela Express


Today, I stitched some of the felt for my DeLorean together, but other than that I didn’t get much done. I was too busy trying to pack for my trip to Washington, D.C.! I’m going to the Passion for Beads Gala hosted by the Bead Museum. (I hope my beaded Boston trolley made it there okay…) I am very excited, but I’m also very nervous. I’m nervous because it’s a ‘Creative Black Tie‘ event, and I’ve never attended one of those before! Ah well… as they say, there’s a first time for everything! 😮

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I’m only going away for a few days but I decided I should pack some seed beads just in case I get bored on the 6.5- hour train ride down there. I’m not at a stage where I can bring my beaded DeLorean, because it is still in pieces on my work table, so maybe I’ll try a beadweaving project instead! I never tried to bead on the train before. I figure that if Celticat can do it on the NYC subway, I can definitely try it on the Acela! And, who knows? Maybe it will help me bead even faster! 😉 Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you when I return! 😀

11 thoughts on “>Beading on Acela Express

  1. >Haha! That’s what I thought when I realized Celticat did bead embroidery on a packed subway! At least the train is a lot smoother of a ride as it doesn’t stop every 3 minutes. LOL.

  2. >You should try bead knitting or bead crochet for travelling. 😉 I would be quite anxious to lose any beads on the train when doing beadweaving there. ;)Have a great trip and a lot of fun!

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