>Back to the Future Part II


After stitching 5 pieces of beaded clear vinyl to my last DeLorean time machine, and edging the entire piece with black felt, I am finally finished! Now, I’m ready to start beading the next car in this beaded Back to the Future trilogy. Here’s my rough sketch:

DeLorean DMC 12 sketch bead embroidery Back to the Future pop art Boston bead artist

Something tells me this one won’t be easy! 😮

7 thoughts on “>Back to the Future Part II

  1. >Wow…it has been a long time since I have swung by for a visit!!! The Delorean time machine looks great! This new car looks like a fun one to do too!The beaded trolley and the gasoline district turned out AWESOME!!!Congrats on the first place ribbon for your great blue heron! Very cool! And, for the Gasoline District being selected as a finalist in the Bead Museum Competition! I hope the Trolley made it too! And, for getting your business license…I do believe you can buy wholesale…SWEET!!! ~wink~ You have had a lot of great stuff going on!!!You are always SUCH an inspiration Diana!!! I’ll swing back by soon and see how the new machine is going!~Lisa 😉

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