>The Lone Beader Means Business


Yes, it’s true! Today I finally went to City Hall to file my DBA or ‘Doing Business As’ certificate. I thought it would be difficult to register my business name in Massachusetts, but it’s wicked easy. It took less than time than it would at the RMV! Now, ‘The Lone Beader’ is a registered business! Check it out:

Lone Beader Boston Quincy MA Visual Pop Artist Commissions Paintings Beadwork Bead Embroidery

It might sound funny to think of ‘The Lone Beader’ as being a business, but it has to be in order for me to legitimately use my fictitious name when selling beaded art, or for submitting my work to galleries and shows. Of course, it is a Sole Proprietorship, but that’s all it needs to be for now… The best part about this is now, I think I can buy beads at wholesale prices!! 😀

After I went to City Hall, I went to the bank and opened a business account. I had to deposit my first paycheck! (Hey, every business has to start somewhere! LOL.)

Now, if someone commissions me to create a beaded replica of their classic car, they’ll have to make the check out to The Lone Beader. How cool is that? 😀

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