Big Bead Theory

Geneva Big bang machine theory time travel back to the future pop art Boston bead embroidery artist EinsteinBeaded 2008 DeLorean time machine. 19″ x 6.5″.
Bead embroidery on felt & vinyl. Click image to enlarge.
All it takes is a couple of pieces of clear vinyl and a handful of seed beads to turn the headlights on my beaded DeLorean into two beams of beads that appear to be traveling at close to the speed of light, or 88 mph. Energies such as acceleration & magnetism will eventually cause the seed beads to collide. Physicists theorize that when these beads smash together, more beads will be discovered. These new beads are expected to do strange things to the beading fabric of the universe, which is a blend of felt, thread, and time. Scientists believe that this study could help prove that my beaded Einstein has indeed returned from the future… or perhaps he is going back to the future… What do you think?

Further studies will be conducted… in the future… 😉

9 thoughts on “Big Bead Theory

  1. >Speed of light through the bead! All the beads will be strung with light strands, sparkling across the universe! Isn’t that what the starts really are? Crystals and silver-lines? And to think Einstein traveled through it!Cheers, Denise

  2. >I like that theory. Besides new beads you will also create all sorts of beads in so-called excited states. Some are known to scientists such as the humming-bead, the tyre bead, a.s.o. … I remember doing research on some of the crystals used in the LHC in Cern, back then when I was with a physics institue. Hope, I did my work well …

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