>Lazy Beaded Bumper


I haven’t really been lazy – I’ve been busy! Over the weekend, I had to write an artist bio, as well as a full description of my beaded Green Line trolley. And, today, I had to find a place that would ship my bead-painting to Washington, D.C. Sounds easy, but not when you’re trying to ship a painting as large as the Gasoline District! After doing a little research, I discovered First Class Pack & Ship located in Weymouth. They are one of the few places around that actually take pride in shipping fine art! I left feeling confident that my piece will arrive safely, so I will most likely do business with them in the future! 😀

Besides that, I have also been doing some beading. Here’s what I’ve been working on – the bumper of my beaded Back to the Future DeLorean time machine! Remember, this car is going 88 mph, and we all know what happens when you reach that speed… so, I added some more blue & white seed beads to make it look supercharged! 😀

Beaded back to the future pop art beadwork lazy stitch 88mph Boston artist

And, here’s another one of my crazy beading experiments – lazy stitch beadwork on clear vinyl:

Beaded back to the future pop art beadwork lazy stitch 88mph Boston artist

Any idea what I’m doing now? 😮

9 thoughts on “>Lazy Beaded Bumper

  1. >I had no idea your pieces were so big. I thought they would be really little. No wonder you never get to sleep zillions and zillions of beads are starting to appear before my eyes. No idea what the circle is.

  2. >Yes, Jay, my pieces have been getting quite large! LOL. And, you have to properly pack a canvas to make sure it arrives safely. You just can’t buy a box for a 4′ painting at Staples! LOL. Not to mention, it is pricey to ship oversized packages, but I think it’s worth it in the long run… 😀

  3. >I hadn’t thought about it, but I guess it would be hard to find a place that you can trust to ship your beadwork. I also keep forgetting how big some of this stuff is!

  4. >Hi Lone beader,lazy? I don’t think so. Busy? I can believe it. The beautiful necklace is definitively not the piece of a lazy one! Crazy? I guess, it’s because of the amount of time you spent on it.Have a great day.

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