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The other day, FedEx finally delivered my package from Fire Mountain Gems! 😀

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I got 22 hanks of size 11 Jablonex Ornela Czech glass seed beads in all different colours – basic colours that I know I’ll need… I also got 1 Thread Heaven, 2 packages of 3″ beading needles, two spools of size D Nymo thread (one black & one white), and a bag of assorted coloured nylon thread. (I can never have too much thread.) I also got a portable Daylight lamp which is not shown. I figure that if I’m gonna be a serious bead artist someday, I should always have these basic things. 😉

What beading or art supplies are always on your shopping list?

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  1. >Thanks for the comments! It's fun to read what everyone likes to shop for! I love the look of hanks, too! I should think about hanging mine up, as well! :DAlso, thanks for stoppin by, Dave! I have not looked at Rings & Things site much, but I see that you sell Toho beads! I buy most of my beads at my local bead shop because they give me a 20% discount for just being me! I think more bead shops should follow suit if they want MY business!! LOL. 😀

  2. >Interesting thread! I’m saving up for metal-stamping tools, because I recently learned that I love that craft.Also interesting to hear about FMG not shipping to Russia! Our company, which is also a wholesale beads/findings supplier, does ship to customers there. (I just ran over to our shipping department and confirmed that we do this routinely.)Best wishes from–Daveat Rings & Things

  3. >what a great haul! Love all those hanks! I love to hang my hanks up and just have them on display until I need them. they make me happy, hanks are art all to themselves!I just recieved an order from whimbeads and that is super exciting! I ordered a bunch of 11’s and some flippies.I pick up thread on a regular basis, love the little crystals, cause they work so well in bead embroidery and add a great pop of sparkle, and I love making bracelets so have to make sure that I have split rings and clasps in hand. cheers, Denise

  4. >What a great package of stuff! I’m always on the lookout for great vintage beads, esp. German and Czech and Japanese glass beads. I snap up the ones that make my heart go pitter-patter if at all possible. I too tend to have Silamide in every color. And then there’s fabric (esp. vintage, again) and buttons and the odd stuff that catches my eye in the thrift shops….

  5. >I’m jealous! nothing better than getting a package full of shiny new beads to play with….sure beats bills in the mail!I’m always buying new spools of Silamide in all sorts of colors. it’s like an addiction…but i use them for regular sewing projects too, not just beading, so it’s ok to own a box full of spools, right?

  6. >A Daylight lamp is very helpful, especially now when evenings begin to get darker earlier and earlier. It’s also useful when taking pictures on grey days. I still wonder why we don’t get beads on hanks here …

  7. >Thanks for the comments! :DNick! I bet Alex gets excited! LOLTanya, I love Toho beads. I buy them whenever I can, but there are so many colours, I like to see them in person! I could also used some more size 15s and charlottes, as well! 😀 And, I have those porcelain beading trays, as well! I really like them, but I only use them when I am making jewelry, which is rare…

  8. >Oh… aren’t mail days like this the best?!!Since there isn’t anything I need to bead (most of the time), I look at what’s on sale and go from there. Although I don’t know that anyone can ever have enough 15/0 seeds

  9. >I want some shelving — I have a closet with some wire crates (a la college student storage), but I’d love something sturdy enough to put my sewing machine on. And without 1″ holes! Heck, I’ll take used!Have fun with your new beads! I “need” some charlottes or 15s in basic colors sometime.

  10. >TOHO seed beads are always on my list, ’cause I’m an owner of bead store which sells TOHO beads :)FMG doesn’t ship to Russia so I ask my friends from US to receive my parcel and forward it to Russia. I’ve bought porcelain beading trays this time. Oh how I love them – it’s impossible to find them here 🙂

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