>Omnipresence of White


For the last couple days, I’ve been working hard on the headlight beams for my beaded Back to the Future DeLorean time machine. I’ve been beading with a 3″ needle, and it is really helping, but still, this kind of beadwork is very time consuming. Precise stitching is necessary, and sometimes I can only stitch one or two beads at a time.

Besides using the backstitch, I am also using a modified brick stitch to embroider seed beads to the other seed beads. This helps to create dimension. I like effect, but in order for it to really work, I must fill the beads almost entirely with thread. Then, they will sit properly and the piece will begin to form its own shape. Here’s a close up so you can see this extreme bead embroidery:

Bead Embroidery DeLorean pop art beaded car beading seed beads omnipresence light trails swirls(Click to enlarge.)

After working on this for awhile, I realized my beadwork started to look like something I had seen in my 500 Beaded Objects book. It sort of reminded me of Natasha St. Michael‘s work. She makes oddly unique scuptural and suspended artwork inspired by elements found in nature which “capture the omnipresence of complexity…”. I remembered looking at her piece, and wondering why anyone would feel driven to create such strange beadwork. Then, I looked at her website, and it seems that she works mostly in the peyote stitch. It’s interesting how similar effects can be produced using different techniques – and, it was by accident! But, my piece is not inspired so much by nature as it is inspired by science. It is intended that my beadwork captures the omnipresence of light… 😮

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  1. >Your extreme bead embroidery is amazing!Thank you so much for sharing your work in progress!I really enjoy reading about your techniques and seeing how your pieces come to life.Cheers,Saby

  2. >I’m gonna write this first and as fast as possible. Last time I was here, darned computer suddenly froze up and shut down on me.Thought the picture was pretty?Not as impressive as those beads you’re putting together there.WOW!That headlight is a work of art all by itself!Oh shucks….I think I left the camera outside.Still, what a wonderful view, and the close up made it even more magical!

  3. >I have done this often to add height and ‘Fluffiness’ to my bead work. Mostly I use peyote to do it, but I start with brick and just switch. Filling the bead on the big ones can take a lot of time, also. It is so very time consuming and then I do all the tying off and think, “Does anyone even care if I’m doing all this for their benefit, because I don’t want it to just be ordinary. I’ve often seen Natasha’s work and wondered the same thing, but luckily I don’t have to judge it, so I’ve always been secretly relieved. Whew! Lucked out again! kind of thinking!

  4. >This is really beautiful work–I like the sculptural effect created with the brick stitch, and the waves give it that dreamy fantastic look. As always, well done!

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