>Seed Beaded Car


A few days ago, Freebird asked me how my Fire Mountain Gems entry was going. I had forgotten all about that, so I decided to look into it. I went to FMG’s Gallery of Designs and searched for my piece. There it was! They called it a ‘Seed Beaded Car’! I think that’s funny, because it’s actually a 1978 Datsun pickup truck! Then, I noticed that they printed my real name in the gallery! So, I sent them a note and finally a day later (the same day FedEx arrived with my piece), they were kind enough to change it for me. It’s hard work trying to maintain my anonymity!

Fire Mountain Gems 2009 Beading Contest Gallery Designs Lone Beader Bead Embroidery 78 Datsun pickup truck

I have two other pieces in FMG’s Gallery of Designs as well – Flamingo Moon & The Messenger. Despite that fact, I have not yet seen any of my bead embroidery on a backcover Fire Mountain Gems advertisement. And, after my past experience, I’m not sure I’ll be entering this beading contest in the future. I don’t know if it’s worth it to me anymore. Plus, I don’t buy beads from them often enough (which is a requirement), and honestly, I think I have outgrown it! But, the good thing is, after entering the contest so many times, and not shopping there for 3 years, I accumulated a $110 credit to my account! So, today, I finally placed an order! Hmmm… maybe now I would qualify to enter next year’s contest… we will see! 😉

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  1. >I love size 15’s but this time, I stocked up on all size 11’s in basic colours that I know I’ll need. I find it so hard to choose seed beads from a catalog – it’s so hard to see the colour! Also, I don’t even know what colours I’d need because I don’t know what piece I will make next! :oAnd, yes, I can’t wait for your next project, Nina! 😀

  2. >110 dollars for beads just for you? Which sizes did you buy? A lot of 15s? Have you seen that I am working with 15s now, too? And that I will bead knit a music album cover? 😉 You can guess which one in the near future …

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