>Bead Without a Doubt


There comes to a time in every piece where I begin to have doubts about my beadwork. Now is that time. :/

Beaded 2008 Delorean Back Future Einstein Pop art time machine bead embroidery seed beads artistSemi-beaded Back to the Future DeLorean time machine.
19″ x 6.5″. Bead embroidery on felt. Click to enlarge.

10 thoughts on “>Bead Without a Doubt

  1. >Thanks for the comments! I don’t know why I start to doubt myself. Usually it happens at the painting stage, but this time it’s the beading… My friend said this happens because I am ‘entering uncharted territory’… LOL!

  2. >Look up in the sky it’s a bikini top, it’s an hourglass garter, it’s a time machine. How long did that take to make? OK I get it you have too much time on your hands! LOL It’s very pretty. What do you use it for besides passing time?

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