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Today, in the midst of all my running around, I had to do a little emergency bead shopping. I happened to be in downtown Boston, so I went to Beadworks on Newbury Street. I will admit this shop is not my first choice when it comes to seed beads, mostly because their colour selection is limited (not to mention pricey) but on occasion, they have something that catches my eye.

This time, I needed some more white seed beads to complete the headlight beams for my beaded DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. Here are the beads I bought- some size 11’s, size 8’s, a hex cut, some 15’s, and some bugle beads. Also, there is a very light pearl grey colour that I just happened to fall in love with. Click the image to enlarge:

Beadworks Boston Cambridge Lone Beader seed beads bead embroidery Beacoup Beads Frequent

I didn’t break the bank on this trip, but it wasn’t exactly cheap either. Each of the tubes above cost $4! Granted they may be different beads, but I’d pay half that price at Beaucoup Beads for the same quantity… Ah well… I guess that’s life in the big city!

Also, while I was there, I was given a Frequent Beader Card! The deal is- for every $20 you receive – you receive 20 points. And, for every 200 points earned, a $20 reward is added to your card for use on a future purchase. That’s not a bad incentive… but I think my personal 15%-off discount card at Beaucoup Beads is a much better incentive…

Beadworks Boston Cambridge Lone Beader seed beads bead embroidery Beacoup Beads Frequent
Hmmm… maybe Beadworks will give me a discount card someday… in my dreams! 😮

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  1. >I don’t have a local beadstore besides WalMart which really covers only one bead emergency out of 100. I like my online cheaper beads but sometimes that local store helps when you need something special or only a small amount. (I get my “deals” by buying a large quantity order once or twice a year).By the way, how is your Fire Mountain Gems entry going?

  2. >Beads used to be much less expensive, but then so was gas! I guess I shouldn’t complain. I had to enlarge the photo to see the hex beads in 8’s, but I like them. You can never have too many white or black opaque beads. Never!

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