Yay! I’m finally back! Back from a busy week of time-traveling! Did ya miss me?? 😀

Okay, so I wasn’t really time-traveling, but I did go back… back to my hometown Erie, PA, to visit an old friend. I didn’t need my beaded DeLorean time machine to get there, but when I arrived, it felt like I actually DID go back in time. Not much has really changed since I lived in Erie (besides the new wooden roller coaster they built at Waldameer which, by the way, ROCKS!!). The neighborhoods still seem the same, the people are still the same, and my favourite diner is still the same. It’s interesting how certain places can create such nostalgia! I know, nostalgia is only a feeling… However, this feeling may be strong enough that I will have to return in the near future… We’ll see what happens… In the meantime, I’ve been doing beadwork to help keep my mind off of being homesick…

beaded DeLorean car bead embroidery pop art Boston artist 2008 seed beads ravine flyer IISemi-beaded Back to the Future DeLorean time machine.
19″ x 6.5″. Bead embroidery on felt. Click to enlarge.

beaded DeLorean car bead embroidery pop art Boston artist 2008 seed beads ravine flyer II headlightsBeaded 2008 DeLorean headlight beams. Click to enlarge.

beaded DeLorean car bead embroidery pop art Boston artist 2008 seed beads ravine flyer II headlightsGuess I’d better keep on beading…

13 thoughts on “>Nostalgic

  1. >Going home. That sounds wonderful. I’ve moved so many times I don’t really have a “home”. I always thought of my Dad’s place as home but since he died almost 10 years ago I haven’t felt like I am home anywhere – except perhaps when I am lost in my artwork. Glad you and your friend still felt close. That’s a special link not everyone has.

  2. >Thanks for the comments! Yes, it was very nice to visit with an old friend… Nick, I think I agree with you… And Marilyn, I noticed a car show there on a Friday night on 12th & Peninsula! 😀

  3. >My husband is originally from Erie, PA. We were there in July visiting his family & friends. The week we were there an antique car show was held, but sorry, no DeLoreans were shown (but lots of Corvettes and Chevys).

  4. >When I was 15, yes they really had rollercoasters back then, I rode ours here until it just wasn’t a thrill. Since then I’ve wondered, What was I thinking? But it took the mystique right out of rollercoasters. That’s a little sad to me.

  5. >I only rode the coaster twice! I went to the park to ride only that ride. It is FAST! It goes at least 68 miles per hour! It is so great that I could ride it all day! And, I even made my mom ride it. She was terrified! LOL!

  6. >So, Eerie is twice as big as Wetzlar or as my hometown! I wish I could take a ride in the rollercoaster. It must be wicked, I even felt butterflies in my stomach only by watching the video … 😉 How often did you ride?

  7. >Just dropping by to let you know I changed the URL of my blog (www.inkslinginwoman.blogspot.com) as well as added a larger content focus.Hope all is well with you.Miachelle

  8. >Erie seems small to me, but I believe it is the 3rd largest city in Pennsylvania, with a population of over 103,000 people… I changed the link for the roller coaster video – maybe you can view it now! 😀

  9. >Yeah! Back! :)How big is Erie? I thought it was a small town but they have their own wooden rollercoaster, which looks great. I was not able to take the rockin’ ride, the video was always disrupted. But I can imagine that it’s fantastic! 🙂

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