>Improvisational Bead Embroidery


Improvisational bead embroidery beaded DeLorean Einstein Back to the Future Pop art beadwork(Beadwork in progress. 19″ x 6.5″. Click to enlarge.)

I feel I am starting to take more risks in my art, and the current stage of my beaded DeLorean reflects that. I am working on the headlight beams of the car. I am using about 7 different types of bright blue seed beads, and I am trying not to think about where I stitch them! This is not usually how I work, but I think it is appropriate for this part of my piece. I hope I end up liking what I bead! 😮

Improvisational bead embroidery beaded DeLorean Einstein Back to the Future Pop art beadwork

If you do beadwork, have you ever tried to work improvisationally? If so, what was the result??

6 thoughts on “>Improvisational Bead Embroidery

  1. >Most of my bead embroidery is intuitive. I rarely have a distinct picture in mind when I start a project. It’s funny, but what I want to work on with BJP this year is things with more depth and dimension. After reading your blog for the past year, at least I have an idea of how to go about it. ThanksArline

  2. >Being a part of the Beaded Journal Project this past year has taught me a lot about working in a more free-form and improvisational way. There’s something about working in that way that really resonates with me. Most of the time I start out with an idea or image in my head and then attempt to manifest that in my bead embroidery. It’s both freeing and scary all at once. Sometimes what I create isn’t exactly the way I envisioned it but when that happens, it’s always taken me into wonderful new directions. The cool part is that I feel like what I’m creating at that moment is a true reflection of where I’m at in my life, what I’m feeling, what I’m thinking. I so enjoy reading about your beading process and watching your wonderful creations evolve. This is awesome!

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