>Fire Truck Tour


beaded Chevy fire truck Bead International 2008 bead embroidery pop art Boston artist beadwork beads for sale CafepressI forgot to mention this earlier, but on Friday I received an email from the Dairy Barn Arts Center. My beaded ’43 Chevy fire truck has been chosen for the Bead International 2008 Touring Exhibit! That means following the gallery exhibition, my fire truck will be shown in museums and other venues all over the country! It also means that I won’t get my bead art back until far into the future – at least 2011! Guess I’m glad I spent top dollar for that custom plexiglass frame at Stanhope Framers… 😮

Anyways, when I receive a list of venues, I will let you know! And, no, this doesn’t mean that I will extend my Cafepress offerEngine Co. 6 will be available at the Lone Beader’s Boutique now through Sept. 1, ONLY! Get it while you can, and thanks for your interest in my beadwork! 😀

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  1. >did you know that there are frames out there with motion detectors on front that play music….or, the sound of an old fire engine…when folks walk by?

  2. >Congrats!! I think it’s great that your beaded ’43 fire truck will be in the traveling exhibition. Hope it comes somewhere near me…I’d love to see it in person. Lidia

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