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Yesterday, I noticed that the Bead International 2008 & Beyond Basketry book is finally available for sale! If you are unable to go to the exhibit in Athens, Ohio this summer, you can purchase the full-colour catalog through the Dairy Barn Arts Center’s online shop for $24.95. Inside you’ll find great photos of inspiring beaded art, as well as a word from the artists themselves. This is the first time my bead art has ever been published in a book. It is also the last time my real name will be published in reference to my beadwork which means this could be a collector’s item someday… ya neva know… 😉

(Click the book cover below to purchase.)

Dairy Barn Arts Center The Lone Beader Bead international 2008 pop art bead embroidery

Also, don’t forget that just for fun, I have decided to add my beaded fire truck image to my CafePress shop for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Currently, Engine Co. 6 is available on postcards, a totebag, a coffee mug, a mousepad, and a magnet. Please stop by my shop and take a peek. Thank you for your interest in my beadwork! 😀

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  1. >Thanks! And, actually, that’s a modified taxidermy form created by Betsy Youngquist. It was a real animal at one time! The beadwork is amazing, but the concept kinda creeps me out. 😮

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