9 thoughts on “>DeLorean DMC-12

  1. >Yes! Back to the Future, Ruela! ;)And, Nick, the Pontiac GTO was cool, too! I wouldn’t mind driving one of those… And, I didn’t know John DeLorean designed that one! Thanks for sharing that! 😀

  2. >Thanks for the link, LB. The DMC-12 could have been a grand car but… Delorean’s Pontiac GTO was a grand car. It was the first new car I ever purchased and I still believe it was the best automobile that I ever owned.

  3. >Hi Cynthia! I’m sure ceramics is quite expensive. But, you are right, beading is can also be very expensive depending on the beads you require. Glass seed beads are relatively inexpensive, but when you start getting into semi-precious stones, vintage, or artist made beads, you can really spend a lot of money. And, Gianessa, I appreciate your comment! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

  4. >How fantastic is this! I’d been meaning to mention how I thought that it was great that you also loved math in school, and also say that considering the amazing work you do with bead embroidery, it’s quite all right if you don’t make beaded spheres. :)I just love the texture your pieces have.

  5. >I always enjoy reading about the back story and history of art work. Your bead stash 2-3 posts down is amazing! I always think that ceramics must be one of the most expensive art forms, but I’m pretty sure beading isn’t cheap either.

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