>Bead Art 4 Sale

>Below is a list of my beaded paintings which are currently available for purchase. For prices or information regarding commissions, please contact me through my website, thelonebeader.com. Thank you for your interest in my beadwork:)

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The Lone Beader's My Bead Art For Sale photoset The Lone Beader’s My Bead Art For Sale photoset

P.S. Please check in tomorrow to see plans for my next piece:)

4 thoughts on “>Bead Art 4 Sale

  1. >Thanks, Crymson! Pricing is difficult for any artist. I take into account the intricacy of the design as well as size of the piece and how many hours it took to create… Also, I’d like to point out that purchasing a piece direct from me is much cheaper than buying from a gallery. Galleries take anywhere from 30- 50% commission, so many artists tend to adjust prices to help offset this…

  2. >How do you come up with prices on these? They are so amazing. I still love your early animal bead paintings. can’t wait to see whats next!

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