A few months ago, one of my favourite bead artists and friend, Robin Atkins, asked me a favor. She wanted me to write a brief quote which described her new book, Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery.

Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery Lone Beader Robin Atkins book Boston beadwork pop artist

I was honoured that she would ask me to write a quote because afterall, it was probably one of her books that got me addicted to bead embroidery in the first place! Just before it hit the press, Robin sent me a sneak peek of the book to ponder. I will say that writing a description of a book I’ve never read was not easy, but after a few days, I came up with the following:


“Robin’s book will teach you how to expand your own artistic journey. Vibrant photos of her work will ignite your passion for beading, and you’ll learn bead embroidery quickly with her garden of techniques. Most importantly, Robin demonstrates that inspiration to create comes from within…”

A few days ago, I finally received my copy in the mail, and I was thrilled to see my quote on the inside flap of the back cover:


(click to enlarge)
Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery Lone Beader Robin Atkins book Boston beadwork pop artist
Robin also signed the inside of my book! 😀

Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery Lone Beader Robin Atkins book Boston beadwork pop artist

After reading through the book, I must say I agree with everything I wrote! And, I felt that her words could even apply to me! Now, I am re-inspired to create beaded cars and other vehicles I love. I am motivated to work on my self-portrait series. I am thinking about how to recreate my childhood memories using seed beads. I will continue to add my own special twist to each piece to help convey my message to the world. And, maybe someday, I will even publish my own pop-up pop art beadwork book…

Thank you, Robin. Your inspirations were the motivation I needed to start planning my next piece… 😀

13 thoughts on “Inspirations

  1. >I absolutely love Robin’s new book and think that your quote perfectly describes it and her fabulous work. Thanks so much to the both of you for inspiring me in my beadwork!-Karen

  2. >Yes! That was Robin who pushed me into bead embroidery. Her embroidered pieces are so special! I want to bead like Robin :)My copy of this book is somewhere on it’s way to me. Can’t wait to receive it and enjoy reading!

  3. >OMG that is awesome that you did a quote for Robin! I’ll have to pick up her new book. Her embroidery is so awesome, but very different from yours. I enjoy watching both of you create.

  4. >Robin! A Pop-up bead art book would be wicked cool! I’m gonna have to start planning that one! But, I might have to do a little more beadwork, first… Thanks for the encouragement! 😀

  5. >Blush!!! To think that Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery might inspire you, LB… you, whose work is sooooo inspirational to a gazzzzillllion beaders. Wow! I’m thrilled! Thanks for the nod and for posting about it.To your readers who might be curious, most bead shops can (or already do) carry this new book… or you can get it from my website.Thanks again, LB… I love your bead embroidery, the quirky honesty in it! If you ever decide to do a popup book and want help… I’m here!Robin A.

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