10 thoughts on “>Lovin’ It

  1. >Just caught up on your blog again… Goodness, woman, you are such a prolific beader! And you take working a theme to the outer limits! My fave is the B&W shell station pump with its beaded logo. Made me laugh so much my husband had to get up from his computer to take a look. He likes it too. Robin A.

  2. >Jay, your comments always make me laugh hysterically! =:DAnd, I usually boycott Micky D’s, but I admit that I was lovin’ the fact that there was a 24-hr. McDonald’s near where I stayed in Prague. And, that was the most crowded place I had seen after dark – the line was out the door! One night I was starving while walkin’ back to my hotel, so I stopped in for a late night chicken sandwich, and another night, I got a strawberry shake!

  3. >Thanks for that interesting thread! “(German speakers do not realize it is bad English)”That’s brazen! *lol* But I guess for the majority of Germans it’s true, there are some out there who think they are able to speak or write English but it even hurts me. Ha, ha!However, it could also be that you can only be lovin’ Mc Donalds at a certain moment (for example when eating there). Afterwards you might feel sick and don’t love it anymore. 😀

  4. >Ah, MickeyD’s! I still crave the occasional Big Mac Combo…and nothing – NOTHING! – beats the greasy, artery-clogging yumminess of a sausage’n’egg mcmuffin combo to combat the effects of a bloody hang-over the morning after! 😀

  5. >In German it is:”Ich liebe es”But I’m not lovin’ it. Why do they say “I’m lovin’ it” at all? In school, we learned that it must be “I love it” if it’s not only a momentarily action or feeling. *lol* Or is it regarding MC Donald’s? 😀 The teachers would have berated us for this (abnormal?) use … But maybe it’s correct …

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