9 thoughts on “>Oh, Thank Heaven…

  1. >I love the seven eleven one- I live in Wisconsin now and they don’t have those here. But I lived in Denver for 22 years and Seven Eleven was a staple of life. My first two pregnancies revolved around Seven Eleven. My husband would buy me huge dill pickles and a cup of cheese from the nacho bar. I would dip my pickle in there and enjoy- blarg… I think the seven eleven would make a great coin purse for gas station runs. As artistic genius purses are a new thing for me – as in Enid Collins. I get introduced to so many neat retro things through my store and website. Seven Eleven- I think is starting to pass into the realm of vintage, I believe they don’t build them anymore or at least not with the same signage. But I could be wrong.

  2. >Of course I recognize all these signs in our neighborhood . . . they render very well in beading . . . awesome. Thanks for being a regular visitor to QDP ;).

  3. >I’ll have one of those hot dogs that have been sitting under the heat lamp for several hours and a Pepsi Slushy. 😉

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