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Yesterday, I had time to bead my Store 24 sign. I plan to include this convenience store sign in my beaded Boston trolley piece. Store 24 is different than all of the other store signs, because they do not sell gasoline – only food items, scratch tickets and magazines. Most Store 24’s in the greater Boston area are indeed open 24 hours, but there are also a good number of them that close at midnight…

Store 24 Tedeschi Boston beaded trolley MBTA T Green Line bead embroidery pop art artist
My beaded sign is quite small – measuring approx. 0.75″ x 1.25″ wide. This sign was bead-embroidered using size 15 seed beads. To get the letters close to perfect, I first re-sized my drawing on my computer and printed it out. Then, I cut out the image and stitched the paper onto a piece of black vinyl. I stitched right through the paper. When I was finished, I simply ran the piece under water and gently pulled the paper away from the beads. That worked so well, I think I might have to use that method again! 😀

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  1. >Just caught up with all your posts on that jolly green bus — everything is looking mighty fine!Kathy V in NM (that Celtic win sure made my husband HAPPY!!!)

  2. >Good question, Miachelle! Since this Store 24 sign is so small, and I used smaller beads, there was no puckering here. So, water didn’t really have an effect at all. I also don’t know if it would have an effect on a larger sign. Somehow, I don’t think it would, but I’ll keep you posted on all of my discoveries! 😀

  3. >Good morning LB! Great work so far! (as always!) Question: Earlier you made a comment about the puckering of the vinyl. When you ran the 24 hour piece under the water, what did that do to affect any puckering? I was just curious–the method of using the paper and then running it under water was ingenious, and wondered if you killed two issues in one shot.XOMiachelle

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