>The Price of Gas


Well, I’m sure it looked like I was almost finished with my beaded Boston trolley piece, but turns out, I’m not. The painted buildings are very dark, and I feel they need a little something to brighten them up. How about some more beaded gas station signs?? 😀

Gasoline Price high petrol fuel beaded sign pop art roadside Boston bead embroidery artist beading sketch

Above are some sketches of the signs I hope to include in the piece: Sunoco, Exxon, 7-Eleven, Hess, Shell, Mobil, and Boston’s convenient Store 24. These are the signs people look for when their car needs fuel or they’re hungry for a late night snack. I remember when gas stations used to be places Americans enjoyed going to, but that feeling is now a thing of the past…

13 thoughts on “>The Price of Gas

  1. >I missed popping to your blog!!!! the trolley looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to see the finished piece!!! 🙂 I really like the idea of the signs

  2. >Here in Argentina, diesel is scarce and my husband is going crazy, he goes a station to another with their drums to o get a bit of fuel for his backhoe 😡

  3. >Yea, Jams, I don’t understand why folks in the EU Union are paying so much. I mean, I know you buy petrol by the liter, but you are much closer to the source! I think it is all a big scam. Believe it or not, gas stations used to be cool. Even my sister once went to a party at one in PA called Sheetz! I know that sounds odd… LOL.

  4. >I have never liked gas stations and the feeling is heightened now by the higher prices. Seriously, what the hell? I don’t drive my car very much so I maybe fill up once every 2-3 weeks but it’s the times I do have to that I wish I’d gotten a different car…well…maybe not a completely different car but certainly not a V6 since it sucks more gas then a V4. Sigh.

  5. >Haha. Thanks for the comments. The signs aren’t all about gasoline. Store 24 doesn’t sell gas at all! These are just signs that everyone looks for late at night. And you see them whether you need them or not…

  6. >I’d say leave out 7-11, as they sell a lot more than gas. (Maybe I’m so old that I just remember when they didn’t sell gas.)In any case, I appreciate your artistry!

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