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Today, I checked my mail, and received my ‘Last Chance for Renewal’ notice from a very popular beading magazine. Yes, this is also the same magazine that published my beadwork 4 times in just over a year. I have subscribed to this magazine for at least 4 or 5 years now, and in fact, it is one of the magazines that inspired me to try doing beadwork to begin with. I remember how I used to LOVE receiving the latest issue in the mail, and I would read it from cover-to-cover. But, now it seems that it is full of advertisements, and all of the projects seem the same to me. Once in awhile, there would be an article about a certain artist that interested me, but other than that, nothing in it has really caught my eye in a long time. Perhaps I have just outgrown this publication… Regardless, I decided that I’m going to let my subscription run out… Maybe if they start publishing more articles and less ads, or more about original bead art and less about boring jewelry, I’d change my mind. Until then, I’ll be busy beading… 😀

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  1. >Wow, it’s good to see so many others out there with the same sentiments. I quit subscribing to B&B a couple years ago. I really debated about renewing Beadwork last time. I ended up doing it, hoping that they’d run more articles about bead artists and their work, instead of projects. In the end, I guess I’ve just gone in a different direction. I find I’m also not looking at my quilting and mixed media magazines as much, either. So maybe it’s just a sign that I’m more interested in following my own path these days.

  2. >Can you imagine they even send these notifications to Russia?? I’ve already received 3 or 4 of them! Both from BEADWORK & B&B.I don’t want to receive these magazines anymore. If I need something bead-related to read I buy it at Amazon.I don’t know why, but these mags became very boring to me 🙂

  3. >Yes, I think it’s the trendy jewelry I get tired of… And, I know there has to be some advertisements, but there is way too much of it. When you first flip through, it is difficult to find the damn articles!

  4. >Hi Diana. I love to look at your blog but have never posted before. You were so nice to post a picture of my piece from Bead Dreams last year. I couldn’t agree with you more – the articles are very samey these days. However, I don’t mind the advertisements one bit. I live in a relatively isolated area, and I like knowing who has what for sale and then I can check their websites to learn more. Nicole

  5. >Oh how I agree with you and everyone that’s posted! The only reason I still have subscriptions is because they were gifts. There are tons of issues that are still in their plastic bag mailers! I think these magazines are too into quickie jewelry projects, too many crystals/bling and too much trendy jewelry. And why do they have to send out renewal notices 9 months before the darn thing runs out?? Lidia

  6. >A few days ago, I received a notice via snail mail. It begins with: “I’m concerned. Your subscription to Beadwork expires soon, blah, blah …”Ha, ha! Concerned? Isn’t that a little bit too much? You can be concerned about the economy but being concerned about a subscriber who might not renew is odd. It made me laugh.Of course, I won’t renew. I was only interested in the articles of some artists and where they get there inspiration from. But they don’t really tell ya anything. At least nothing you know by yourself: “Try this out, try that out.” And, as you might know, I am not into Jewelry, either …

  7. >it turns out that y’all should probably be taking pictures of your own stuff and writing about how, what, and why and check on sending them an offer.”Last chance. You can have the Lone Beader article if the price is right….”I gave up the magazine subscriptions but still go and buy specific magazines if there’s an article in it that I want.

  8. >I agree. I’ve gotten several notices from Beadwork and haven’t yet renewed. I don’t find a lot of inspiring stuff and I’m not really that into jewelry. They seem to concentrate on jewelry anymore. I ended up renewing Bead and Button a while back but think I will let it lapse next time around. Surely it is them then, if we all are feeling the lack of new stuff. Sometimes I think they get in a rut with what they think is “stylish”. If it’s concerned with the art of beadwork, style shouldn’t matter so much.

  9. >I know exactly what you mean! While I never subscribed to a bead magazine, I usually got the latest issues whenever I visited the bookstore. Now, I haven’t purchased one in months and have no desire to. They even have copies at the library in my new town and I don’t even check them out! Is it because I’ve gotten to the point in my work where I would rather do my own thing and express my own voice and not create other artists’ patterns, their expression. Yes, that’s part of it but many of the articles seem to be so similar these days. Have they changed or have I changed? Probably both. When I moved a couple of months ago, I couldn’t bring all of my magazine with me so I went through all of my old copies and ripped out the few articles I was interested in. Even last year I would have been horrified to even hear someone say they did that!

  10. >I just got the same notice and sadly have to agree with you…I’ve got every issue of this magazine from #1 but they’re not with it any more…just recycling old stuff with the tiniest new twist…they’ve gotten lazy and keep featuring the same old artists (not that they’re not good, but I KNOW what their art looks like!) and I’d like to see some new work featured….so I’ll be putting that money I save into beads and maybe a bit faster internet connection, since that’s where I get my inspiration these days!

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