>Number One Place

>Boston Citgo red sox sign bead embroidery pop art beaded gas station roadside art beading Kenmore Square dirty Water

Every time I see the Citgo sign in Kenmore Square, it makes me think of how long I’ve lived in Boston, Massachusetts – almost half my life! I think how many things have changed, yet some things still remain the same. Like how the entire city is a construction zone, but that pothole down the street never seems to get repaired. Like how they spent decades and billions of dollars working on the Big Dig, but the traffic still sucks. And, even though they built new MBTA stations and updated many of the subway cars, it still takes forever for the damn train to come. I also think about how they spent a fortune restoring the 60′ x 60′ Citgo sign with super-bright LEDs, yet they continue to turn it off at midnight. And, when you leave the pub at 2am, you still have to hail a taxi in the darkness because the last train has already come and gone.

Kinda makes me question all of this development. We have the technology to make things run faster, longer, and more efficiently, but that will only work if we first advance our ways of thinking. For a city full of colleges and universities, Boston has never seemed to graduate from the ‘old school‘. Maybe someday Boston will be the world class city it strives to be, but it definitely won’t be tomorrow…

(Semi-bead embroidered Citgo sign. 10.5″ x 10.5″)

Boston Citgo red sox sign bead embroidery pop art beaded gas station standells roadside art seed beads beading

15 thoughts on “>Number One Place

  1. >Hi Jc-yhs! Thanks for stoppin by! Yes, Bostonians dumped the tea into the harbour and then decided to brew a very good beer instead. That is heroic in my book! LOL. 😀

  2. >Hi,I’m jc-yhs,from Dali ,china.I’ve never been to the United States;but I knew Boston from the history book,when iwas in my high school.There ,a famous historical event–‘Pouring tea’in Boston.It is the hero city in USA.

  3. >The same here in larger cities with public transportation. And in towns (like the one we live in) you can only get back home with public transport when you stay until 9 or 10 p.m. in a pub. *lol*

  4. >Oh so true. The taxis are always full especially if its raining. Computers seem to get slower. Banks take longer to process deposits but faster to process debits. Takes longer to get anywhere cos of ‘security’ and so hail to progress..Love the track.

  5. >Loved the song! I always liked it and never knew who sang it. Now I can add it to my forever-getting-longer-Amazon list! Your project is looking good!

  6. >I grew up in the Boston suburbs and played violin at one of the New England Conservatory orchestras growing up. The way we came into the city, I always see that Citgo sign so it always brings that sudden flash of memory when I see it now.

  7. >True, but it’s not just the pub-goers. There are plenty of people who work past midnight who would also appreciate 24-hour subway service. With the traffic congestion issues and the fact that they are taking more and more parking spots away everyday by developing the city, Boston should seriously consider running the trains all night long. And, with the price of gas nowadays, I think eventually, more and more people would just take the train.

  8. >I’ll never understand the reasoning behind stopping the subways at midnight in large cities. I mean, I understand the money side of it, but the lack of service to the pub-loving community is an outrage! LOL 😉

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