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I hope everyone got a laugh out of yesterday’s post. I had to do it. LOL. And, I am basically finished with the beadwork on my Boston trolley car. The only thing I have left to do is edge the felt with beads. For some reason, I always save that for last. Here are some detail photos:

beaded Boston trolley PCC car pop art bead embroidery beading beadwork MA Kenmore Citgo(Bead-embroidered Boston trolley – 19″ wide x 7″)

I used at least 7 different shades of green and white Czech glass seed beads. I also used gray-lined clear hex-cut beads and Toho charcoal 1/2 bugle beads. The wheels are made from a set of rubber washers and T-nuts I found at the hardware store awhile back. They are not attached yet.

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beaded Boston trolley PCC car pop art bead embroidery beading beadwork MA Kenmore Citgo

Also, the sign on the trolley says ‘No Service‘. The reason for this is because the T does not run all night. It stops running around 12:30am and starts again at 5am. So, for about 4 hours per day, the MBTA is actually providing a disservice to the community, especially since the bars are open until 2am… No one likes to leave the pub early because they have to catch the last train, and as a result, most people drive home instead of taking a taxi… :/

beaded Boston trolley PCC car pop art bead embroidery beading beadwork MA Kenmore Citgo

Speaking of that, the other day, I was on my way to a pub in Kenmore Square. I was walking down the street when I looked up. There it was – a beacon brighter than I had remembered it – larger than life. It was Boston’s longtime landmark – the CITGO sign.

beaded Boston car pop art bead embroidery beading beadwork MA Kenmore Citgo sign  sketch

Yes, Boston’s famous landmark is a 60′ x 60′ tall gas station sign, and it has been for decades. It has also been cited as one of the last remaining examples of roadside art. It is a symbol of Americans’ love for the automobile, freedom, and our need for speed. But, with today’s astronomical price of gas, and hybrid cars, I feel the CITGO sign is now only a nostalgic symbol of those things.

The CITGO sign has had a long and interesting history, and was threatened to be removed several times. But, it’s popularity never ceased. After many long debates, the sign was finally restored in 2005. Now, it uses custom weatherproof LED technology instead of the old neon tubes. It looks fabulous, and when I saw it the other day, I knew I had to include it in my piece. 😀

beaded Boston trolley car pop art bead embroidery beading beadwork MA Kenmore square Citgo sign

Today, I cut out some felt, and the result is a 10.5″ wide version of the sign. I actually think it could be bigger, but I’m not sure, so I’ll leave it the way it is. Now, I have to pick out some seed beads, but first I must decide which version to do – day or night. Which do you prefer?? 😀

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  1. >Thanks, LJ! Your commenst are always so sweet! :DAnd, LOL, Freebird! I did notice that. Somhow I don’t think I’m finished with that trolley… hehe… 😀

  2. >LB – I run out of superlatives for your perfect miniature worlds. I swear you could decide to bead a picture of a cardboard box and it would turn out magical and fascinating. The greens in the bus are just juicy, by the way!

  3. >Upnitestx, you got it! Thanks for stoppin by! :DAnd, the circuit board represents the same old trolley car many years in the future. Not many things ever change in Boston…

  4. >If the trolley is running at night-NO SERVICE-doesn’t the sign have to be at night also? Of course, there is always artistic license to be considered. Still, a fine piece of work!

  5. >The day version – I think that blue sky will look amazing once beaded and will give the red in the sign a lovely backdrop. The trolley is the cutest thing! Now, what was that circuit board for again?

  6. >Yea, Jay, that does suck… however it would be pretty cool to watch the game from the top of the Green Monster! :DAnd, Lidia, yes, hardware stores are fun, but there are so many choices! It took me quite awhile to figure out what to use for the wheels…

  7. >I’m voting for the ‘night’ version of the sign. I can’t wait to see what you bead. BTW – I love the wheels on the ‘T’. Aren’t hardware stores fun?? Lidia

  8. >Since they added those seats to the top of the Green Monster you can’t see the Citgo sign on TV when Man-Ram hit’s a bomb over the monster anymore. That kind of sucks. I would go with night too.

  9. >I prefer the night version, although it may be hard to decide which stage of “lit” you want. Your night link doesn’t work (for me) so here is anotherhttp://www.redsoxconnection.com/citgo.html 😀 eirdre

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