>New Kids on the T


New Kids on the block NKOTB Beaded Boston trolley train pop art bead embroidery seed beads(19″ x 7 ” – click to enlarge)


Well, the New Kids on the Block are back. They’re taking my beaded Boston trolley car to tonite’s gig. Thankfully, I’m getting off at a different stop… :0

14 thoughts on “>New Kids on the T

  1. >LOL. Judy, Ric Ocasek is in the back of the trolley. He was the first on to get on! And, what’s wrong with the New Kids?????? LOL ;)And, thanks, everyone for the comments. Freebird, I don’t know how to figure out how long it takes to bead. I documented my work by a clock once long ago, but you have to be motivated to do that.

  2. >Enjoyed seeing your trolley. You’ve done a lot on it! You must have put in hours. I don’t know how much time I put in on my mother’s rose bush – guess I should buy a timer or stop watch. How do you figure out the time it takes to bead? I only know I started my page and finished it in about 2 weeks with just stop and go stitching.

  3. >The trolley is looking terrific. I really enjoyed the Prague pictures and I know you had a wonderful time. I did miss your daily blog though. You have become a daily stop for me.Arline

  4. >I love the trolley, but had to look back too at earlier posts. Those beaded purses are beyond lovely. And the necklace in that one shop! Beautiful. They really take netting a long way don’t they? Nice work and what a great trip it must have been! The trolley really does look great!

  5. >Yes, the enlarged pic is only half. The fact is, my pieces are getting so large that it’s hard to take a good pic of the entire thing, expecially if the lighting is not right. But, the trolley is not totally complete, so don’t worry, I’ll post better pics soon. 😀

  6. >LB, the trolley looks wonderful! Btw, when I click to enlarge that pic, I see only half the trolley, but maybe you did that on purpose. Do you have more pix of the finished trolley?

  7. >*lol*I listened to them when I was 11. But only for a real short time. Dead honest! I got a cassette from my cousin Carolin … We loved “Step by Step” … Ha, ha!

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