>Crown Purse


I still have some more beadwork to show you before I get back to my regularly scheduled blog… Like this beautiful antique beaded coin purse I also found in Prague:


Czech glass beads antique beaded handbag coin purse seed beads knitted crowns Prague Praha 1800s(front)


I found this at the shop right next door to the one where I found my beaded handbag! And, to think – I almost didn’t go into this shop… I’m glad I did! This little coin purse measures 3.25″ in diameter and it is most definitely either bead-knitted or crocheted. I assume this piece was also created in the mid-late 1800’s. The seed beads used are size 18/o. The front is a rose pattern, and the back is a leaf pattern. I cannot see any missing beads. Also, the metal frame still works properly, and the purse is lined with leather. I have seen beaded coin purses like this before on ebay, and I have always wanted to own one. This would be the perfect place to keep the crowns I didn’t spend:) 


Czech glass beads antique beaded handbag coin purse seed beads knitted crowns Prague Praha 1800s(back)


After finding these two examples of antique beadwork in one day, I was very happy with my search for all things beaded in the Czech Republic. It is nice to own a little piece of beaded history! I continued to look in other shops for similar items, but was never successful. Timing is everything when it comes to antique shopping… 


12 thoughts on “>Crown Purse

  1. >I love this purse! I was in Jablonec n.N. two years ago and didn’t find the shop with paper bags. Next time I’ll know were to look for beads 🙂 many thanks for info!

  2. >It sounds like you had a great time plus got some great bargains and/or prizes too. Welcome back. I enjoyed reading about your trip and looking at your pictures.

  3. >I had a friend opnce that talked about putting coins in the purses she made. Sometimes she would fashion the coin in as the design, too, but I have no idea how she made it stay as well as it did.

  4. >That is gorgeous. If I owned it, I’d be so in love with it I’d forget I didn’t have any money to put inside!Thanks for the link to the street art show.I am falling in love with the stencils! Amazing, these one-dimensional works.

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