>Prague in a Handbag


czech beads glass beadwork handbag purse antique Prague Praha Czech Republic Castle Roses(8″ x 6.5″wide)
While I was on holiday in the Czech Republic, I discovered this beautiful beaded handbag at an antique shop near the Prague Castle. I don’t know where the bag was made, nor do I know the age of the bag, although I suspect it was created in the mid to late 1800’s. I also don’t know the proper value of it, but the price was right, so I brought it home.

czech beads glass beadwork handbag purse antique Prague Praha Czech Republic Castle Roses

The body of the purse is completely intact with almost no beads missing and the rose pattern continues all around the bag. There is a long chain attached which is used for closure. The beads appear to be embroidered, and the seed beads are very small- size 15 or smaller. Many of the beads are charlottes, and they really sparkle in the light. There are a few beads missing on the blue tassel at the bottom, but other than that, this bag is still in excellent condition. I marvel at the artistry it took to create this. 😀
czech beads glass beadwork handbag purse antique Prague Praha Czech Republic Castle Roses
I thought this was the perfect souvenir from Praha. Have a look for yourself. How old do you think it is? And, how much do you think it is worth in US Dollars?? Well, actually, forget the worthless US Dollar- how much is this worth in British Pounds?? 😀

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  1. >Yea. I really don’t know. I can see rows at the blue sections on the top and bottom of the bag which look knitted but there are no rows in the roses. If this section was embroidered it was one bead at a time. I cannot see any embroidery ‘rows’ anywhere on the bag. No two beads line up.

  2. >The detail pic looks like it was embroidered to me. If it was knitted, the beads would be much more in order. I cannot make out any “rows” that would come from knitting. I saw bags like these in the book “beads on bags” (embroidered ones). From the detail pic I am pretty sure that this one is not knitted …

  3. >You have had a fabulous trip by the looks of the pics!! Welcome home! This bag is amazing!!! They probably gave it away in our eyes. I wouldn’t dare wager a guess on the cost, but it is certainly to die for!!

  4. >Hi Denise! Yes, I thought the same thing about the bag. If there was any embroidery done here it was done one bead at a time in between the knitted beads. I cannot see the back of the stitching. The bag is nicely lined with some type of (very old) leather. And, it was hard to resist all the beads at that one shop, for sure! My main consideration was the fact that I had to carry them to another country in my hand luggage before going home. The small amount of beads I did buy were quite heavy! :0

  5. >Hey! Welcome back!I too was looking at the direction of the beads, with that third picture and if it was bead embroidered, then she put each bead down one a time – the direction of the beads don’t work with backstitch! The beads don’t line up! Is it lined? Can you see the back? It’s amazing!!! The variations in colour and the texture created by the beads are fantastic!It doesn’t look loom weaved either for that matter, I’m most curious as to how it’s made.Oh and that picture of the store where all the beads were in bags on the floor is drool worthy!! I’d be like a kid in a candy shop with that! I guess the biggest consideration was weight? Otherwise how could you resist all those beads!!!Thanks for the great pictures, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!Cheers, Denise

  6. >Well, now that I look at it again, I don’t think it was embroidered. The direction of the beads really doesn’t suggest embroidery. The top and bottom of the beadwork looks like it was knitted, but I don’t know how all of those tiny beads were knitted like this! The beads are very close together!

  7. >YEAH! You did it! You bought one!!! Did they have more? As it seems to be embroidedred, I would think it is between 100-200 Dollars. The real expensive ones are the knitted ones. I would love to have an antique knitted one. However, of course this one is beautiful, too!!! Please let me know the price as well as if there were other bags (maybe via mail?). :)))

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