>Beautiful Czech Republic


This isn’t the post I had originally planned, but I thought some of you might be interested… I have finally started to upload some of my travel photos to my Flickr. It is time-consuming to organize, upload, and label them, but since I love sharing, I think it is worth the effort. So far, I have uploaded photos from my day trips to Terezin Memorial and Kutna Hora, home of the famous Bone Church. I will add more Prague photos to my Czech Republic collection within the next couple of days, so please check back!

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7 thoughts on “>Beautiful Czech Republic

  1. >I think your statement is correct. Also, I think it is just another way to pay respects to the dead. When people die and are cremated or buried, we would not know they existed without the gravestone. This way many people see their existance, in a rather creative way…Now these people died of the plague, but imagine if the same sort of church decor was created with the bones of genocide victims. Would that make it different?? Would it be an atrocity?? Or would it still be beautiful? Seeing all those human skulls and bones reminded me that we are all the same inside no matter how we live or die. Just a little food for thought.

  2. >What sort of statement do you think it makes? I mean having been there, you would get a much better sense about it. My impression is that like life humans are still relevant and still beautiful even after the die.

  3. >Yea. The bone church was interesting – not creepy at all like Pink thinks. I thought it was amazing that the bones are just placed on top of each other. They are not attached to each other at all. It really is an artistic way to use human remains… :0

  4. >The bone church is amazing! I read there are roughly the remains of 40,000 people. Sort of reminds me of the attitude the Mexicans have towards death, as part of the cycle of things and facing it or confronting it.Did you get that feeling?

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