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In case you miss me while I’m on holiday in Prague & London, here’s a sneak peek at my mobile blog. I hope you’ll check back to see where I’ve been… To see larger photos, click the link on the widget. Leave many comments, and I’ll see you when I return… 😀

Na shledanou! 😀

31 thoughts on “>The Traveling Widget

  1. >Oh that’s wonderful! I’ve been several times in Prague but never in London, must be beautiful! Enjoy your time!Just returned as well from a week in Vienna, wow, amazing place. If you haven’t been there yet, I heartily recommend it!

  2. >Wow great pics LB, you see and have a great time there…I never did find the bead shop when I was there….lucky you! I will have to go back and hunt it out next time. Have a safe trip!

  3. >very kewl..!brings back memories of budva, jazz, foggy bridges … it’s a lovely city.and if i have the ingredients i’m gonna make that cup of tea right now!

  4. >wow…some cool pix there!But, my computer is old and was taking a while to download your pix…guess I’ll have to feed the squirrels extra grain so they run a lil faster, get the computer working up to par!(confound these stupid word verification thingies! I did that right, and here it is saying, “do it again,”)

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