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A few days ago, singer-songwriter/author Jen Trynin, wrote me a note. She complimented me by saying she checked out my beadwork – and she’s not the least into beads!

Thanks, Jen! That really made me feel good! 😀

Semi-beaded Boston trolley car. 19″ x 7″. A work in progress…

17 thoughts on “>Feelin’ Good

  1. >How cool that Jen Trynin wrote you! She’ll always be one of my favorite songwriters. I know she has retired from music, but I think I’ll always hold out for an eventual return.By the way, I’m fascinated by your beadwork. It truly is remarkable. Good job!

  2. >LOL! Jay, you are unforgettable! ;)And, I just try to keep my blog fun and interesting, while teaching you about beadwork, and my artistic process all at the same time. :DAnd, yes, this section is taking a long time. It’s alotta white! 😮

  3. >You’re gonna start hanging out with all the rich and famous pretty soon. Don’t forget about us little people! 😉

  4. >Your bead work is beautiful, but I think it is what you do here, on your blog, what keeps me hooked. I love to see how your pieces progress and the way you place them against the most interesting backdrops. Very cool. 🙂

  5. >Wow! That’s great the Lone Beader. You are become famous. I am glad you have so many visits on your blog too. I could not agree more on the fact that music plays a great part in inpiring creation.Yes, you must feel very proud. Bravo!

  6. >Thanks for the comments! Jen had a MEGA-HUGE hit here a number of years ago called Better than Nothing… If you click the VH1 link below the photo, you can see the video. Enjoy! 😀

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