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Yesterday afternoon, I looked at my blog stats, and realized that a significant number of people were viewing one of my posts directly from their email inbox. I wasn’t sure why this was until I received a message from a Myspace friend. Turns out, my psychedelic blue beaded bus, The End, was featured on Interweave Press’ Beading Daily blog! Editor Michelle Mach wrote a post entitled “Music to Bead By”. Approx. 500 people who read the article clicked the link to see my finished blue British bus. I do believe that this is a record number of hits for me in one day!! If you missed this, click to the screen shot below to view the article, then think about how music inspires your creativity. 😀

Lone Beader Beading Daily Doors End Blue Bus Jim Morrison bead embroidery pop art Interweave Press Beadwork

You must know by now that everything I do/create is heavily inspired by music. I used to be a musician, and I studied it at a well-known jazz school here in Boston. I discovered that I enjoy listening to music much more than I enjoy playing it, so I studied recording while working in a theatre for a living. I also interned at a local radio station for a short time, because secretly, I’ve always wanted to be a radio disc jockey. But, time goes by and things change, and now here I am creating visual art! Who would have thought! 😀
All of those past experiences (as well as my love for classic MTV) play a major role in my art today. Sure, I love to listen to music while I’m beading, but I am also constantly searching for new songs, pop images, and subjects to mention in my blog posts – much the same way Andy Warhol collected magazine clippings of celebrities. But, the difference is, I don’t idolize rock stars and celebrities like Andy did. I merely look at them like regular people. Somehow I feel connected to them, and I like to visualize them in my pieces.

Last week, I discussed my blogging style with someone from a local art gallery. He commented that what I do is a very unique way of creating art. Instead of creating one piece, then showing it, I am showing many different ideas for one piece. And, it’s almost like my blog art and bead art are becoming one…I think this is true and I’m sure somehow, The End is only the beginning…

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  1. >You do tell stories or picture stories as you blog about your pieces. You show them in different situations and on different backgrounds while you tell stories of what they are up to while you are building your pieces. It’s like they are alive and you are just growing them.

  2. >I think we do what works for us. I’m not in the least bit surprised that you want to be a DJ. Me, I tend not to ‘listen’ to anything when I’m beading unless I’m doing it front of TV, which happens a lot with my tray for the beading. I know many find music inspirational, and I tend to find it a distratction. I want, and this is just for me, to feel and enjoy the motions of fingers and hands while making up stories about the beads as I’m beading. That tends to work for me. Perhaps color is some sort of music in my head. I don’t know, but I find that very satisfying. So, yes, I think we tend to do what works for us. Music works really well for you! Go to it, LB!

  3. >That’s some beefy stats LB. Nice one! I found out years ago why not to put rock stars on a pedestal.. some of them are, let’s say, a little spiky!I used to meet a quite major and minor celebrities form time to time in a previous line of work. I made the mistake of asking Dave Pirner whether Soul Asylum were Husker Du proteges? His answer involved sex and travel!

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