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  1. >hello! i think you visited me not long ago. i came by a while back -pink sent me -to see your website. she sent me to pump me up and get excited and it worked! i am building mine now. i hope it turns out as nicely as yours did.you are beading a bus!!? you’ll be up many nights i predict.

  2. >Haha! Thanks for the comments. No, you’re not broken, Aaron. But, a piece of felt that separated the 2 front windows ripped off. Maybe that’s what you see… :oAnd, Princess Cat’s PJs, our MBTA Green Line trolleys DO run on tracks, but there is also a company here that does Trolley Tours of the city, and those ones go in the street with the cars.

  3. >I like it!I took my first ever trolley ride at the age of seven… we drove six hours from Dallas to San Antonio to go to Sea World, and we rode the San Antonio trolley just for fun. They still ran on tracks back then, but I don’t think they do anymore…

  4. >Very interesting!!! Will be back to see the finished product!!!Come over and have a look at what ruined my reputation for good!!!

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