>The Bases are Loaded

>Beaded Boston Trolley T University BU Go Red Sox Nation Pop art bead dropkick murphys tessie opening day train Mbta

Today, I really do have to ride the Green Line. Unfortunately, I ran out of the matte green seed beads I was using to bead the rear door of my trolley. I remember I got that particular colour at Beadworks on Newbury St. So, I’m headed to Arlington Station, but that’s a long ways away! We’re only at Boston University! And, the train is packed! Full of Red Sox fans!
Look at all of them!

(click to enlarge)

Beaded Boston Trolley T Mbta University BU Red Sox Pop art bead embroidery dropkick murphys tessie opening day train
I forgot! Today is Opening Day at Fenway!

Ah well… Soon, everyone will get off the train at Kenmore Sq. And, since I don’t have a ticket, I’ll have to watch the baseball game at the pub. But, first, I’m goin’ bead shopping… 😀

Go Sox!! 😀

22 thoughts on “>The Bases are Loaded

  1. >Phenomenal!I already had respect for those who did this sort of craft, but, you seem intent on bringing it into the arena of art.And succeeding, at that!Absolutely beautiful!

  2. >The ‘T’ is looking great…and for bead shopping, well, I never come home with just what I had intended to go pick up! 😉 I have never been to Boston, but would love to visit someday! A Red Sox game at Fenway Park would be very cool! Happy shopping! Bead on LB!!!

  3. >This is wonderful! I remember riding the trolley from Woodland Station to Park Street everyday when I attended school in Boston. What a great idea to bead it!-Karen

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