>So Far Away


Beaded Boston trolley pcc train car Kay Hanley Letters to Cleo Comm Ave bead embroidery pop art MBTA red soB FNX BCN(click to enlarge)


The MBTA‘s Green Line is a very long line. I don’t think it’s the longest in distance, but it has the most stops, which makes for an extremely long ride. Each stop is only a couple of blocks apart. Towards the end of the line, usually only a few people get on the train at each stop. Today, a former Bostonian got on my semi- beaded trolleyKay Hanley. (Yes, that’s her standing in the doorway:) She must be in town visiting friends:)

Kay used to front Boston rock band Letters to Cleo, but since the band has split, she has gone off to L.A. to continue her solo career. (Some of you might know her as the voice of Josie & the Pussycats.) I’ve been one of Kay’s fans for quite a long time. I’ve seen her perform at the Berklee Performance Center, Paradise Rock Club, Avalon, Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts, and on the Boston Common for a Freedom Rally, just to name a few. I’ve also met Kay a number of times as well, and she’s a doll! Lately, Kay has been busy recording new music and being a mom, but she also makes time to write in her blog

Even though Kay’s been in L.A. for awhile now, something tells me she still misses Boston and I still miss Letters to Cleo… 😦

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  1. >I love what you’re doing here. Thanks for bringing us along on this creative journey.By the way, I have seen ample sticker art in these parts. The USPS provides the supplies….I have some here and will photograph it and post it–before I forget! Have you seen any?

  2. >i LOVE this!!…it reminds me so much of an area of toronto (where i live) we used to have the old style streetcars and in the beaches area there are apartment that look like this…what theatre do you work in?…

  3. >Haha, Faz! Josie and the Pussycats was a make-believe band in a movie of the same name. Kay did all the singing for the movie. But strangely, she didn’t really get the credit she deserved for it on the soundtrack as they listed ‘Josie & the Pussycats’ as the artist.

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