>Let The Trolley Roll


Beaded Boston pcc trolley train cars pop art green line mbta bead embroidery subway red sox(19″ x 7″)

These days, taking the T is cheaper than driving a Car.

The Cars – Let the Good Times Roll

(click to enlarge)

Beaded Boston pcc trolley train cars pop art green line T beads red sox ric ocasek pullman

19 thoughts on “>Let The Trolley Roll

  1. >Wow! I had to scroll back and catch up! Just Amazing! Love the circuit boards on the trolley too, very cool! Your projects never cease to amaze me! Thank you for sharing. It is so fun to watch your pieces come to life! Bead On LB!!!

  2. >Thanks for the comments! Givethemhell, I take the train a lot, but I still like to drive on occasion, even if the gas price is astronomical…Great, Jay. There’s a lot of girls on the Green Line, too- it runs right by Boston University! At least you won’t be bored on the train! LOL.And, Mary, you’re right – I guess it does look kinda Celtic! Very appropriate for Boston! 😀

  3. >I’ll be the creepy dude sitting in the back dressed like a homeless dude who does that little head nod thing and says “how YOU doing” to all the girls. LOL 😉

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