>Train Yard


Yay! I finally started doing some beadwork on my Boston trolley car! In the following three photos, you’ll see that I’ve stitched some size 11 Czech glass seed beads which outline the body of the car and circuit boards.

Beaded Boston MA T trolley pullman pcc train car bead embroidery circuit board pop art seed beads

So far, I’m using 4 different greens, and a white. The greens are fading from one to another slowly across the train. I started this way so I can get an overall feel for how I’d like it to look.

Beaded Boston trolley pcc T train car bead embroidery circuit board pop art seed beads

Beaded Boston MA trolley T pullman pcc train car bead embroidery circuit board pop art seed beadsAnd, it also appears that we have a driver waiting for passengers! That’s my longtime blogger friend Aaron the Truck Driver. Yea, I know. He’s a truck driver, not a trolley driver. But, he’s been drivin’ tractor trailers over on the west coast for a very long time, and I’ll bet he can drive just about anything with wheels. Of course, it would help if we had wheels. It looks like we aren’t gettin’ out of the MBTA‘s train yard today… :0

Beaded Boston trolley pullman pcc train cars driver beads yard pop art Boston College Cleveland Circle Lechmere

If you’d like to be a passenger aboard my beaded Boston trolley while I’m workin’ on it, please include a link to your photo in the comments. Also, there is one requirement to ride this Green Line train – you must be a Red Sox fan because we’re headed to Fenway Park! All aboard! 😀

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  1. >the only real baseball cap in our house is a red sox cap.you’ll have fun in prague. it’s a really cool city. i visited there about 8 years ago… hmm, maybe 10 ..

  2. >Ah, don’t worry about it. You can’t get lost in one of these things. You just press a few buttons and go. And, of course you try to hit the brake if someone jumps the trax… :0

  3. >You’re so freakin’ awesome! I’m excited to see your work all up close and personal at the Taking Textiles Seriously show at Side Show Studios in Sacramento (lots of S’s) on April 12th!

  4. >I knew that not only do I not have a picture, but I can’t be a Red Sox fan as I dislike baseball, and nope not going to wash my mouth out with soap. I’m a hockey, football person when it comes to sports and rodeo. But, I like the trolley!

  5. >… “some size 11 Czech glass seed beads …”I hope you were drinking some Czech beer at the same time if you were using Czech beads! 😉

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