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Today, I took the Buick for a spin and found myself at You-Do-It Electronics in Needham, MA. I needed to get some parts for my beaded Boston trolley car. I showed an employee and the manager my sketch, and told them what I was looking for- some green printed circuit board. Most of the circuit board they have (that I wanted) came in kits with other electronic parts. But, then I noticed some mixed bags of LED digital displays. So, I got a bag of those as well as an LED lightbulb, and battery pack. (I don’t know how the lightbulb ended up in the mix, but there it is… LOL.)

Beaded Boston trolley PCC Pullman train car electric electronic parts beading pop art artist

When I got home, I took some of the digital displays apart, because beneath them was more circuit board. And, as far as the other digital number displays go, well, maybe they’ll come in handy when I bead that DeLorean Time Machine… 😉

Beaded Boston trolley PCC Pullman train car electric street beading pop art artist

Next, I traced around my enlarged paper sketch to cut out the above felt trolley. That wasn’t easy since there are so many windows. And, after thinking about it for awhile, I decided not to try to make the doors open and close. The doors on the real Green Line train open inward (accordion-style) and, I think I’d need a lot of space inside the train to do that. Instead, I cut the doors out of a piece of Pellon interfacing. Then, I stitched the doors and a piece of clear vinyl to the back of the felt. It doesn’t look like much now

Beaded Boston trolley PCC Pullman train car electric electronic street circuit board beading pop art artist

…but maybe it will with circuit board panels… We’ll see… 😀

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  1. >Just watching your whole process is fascinating, and YES YES you deserve the Hip Blogger Award :).I like the circuit panels (modern technology with the old) but I know that as this piece evolves you may find they work or don’t. Either way I look forward to seeing what you do.

  2. >I haven’t done any blogging in forever! I’m having so much fun catching up with my faves! I’m loving the electronic parts and can’t wait to see this completed! We’ve been spring cleaning the garage and I just found two bins of beads I didn’t know were there! When I get up the courage, I’ll post some of my beadwork too! nothing fancy, just fun.

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