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Wow! Yesterday, I had quite a few visitors to this blog. Special thanks to Adam for mentioning me over at Universal Hub. Also, thanks to Nick who posted the MTA song for me. And last but not least, thanks to Christine & Faz who nominated me for the Totally Hip Blogger Award. Now I am blushing!! 😀

If you’re a new reader, welcome to my world of extreme bead embroidery. Here you’ll find a lot of planning, sketching, cutting, stitching, beading & construction of dimensional artwork happening on a daily basis. Below, you see an image of a Boston trolley car. I enlarged yesterday‘s drawing so that it printed out over 4 sheets of paper.

Beaded Boston MA Pullman Standard Green line trolley electric train car bead embroidery pop art sketch

Then, I cut it out, and taped the pieces together. The drawing now measures 19″ x 7″ tall, which is only an inch wider than my beaded yellow submarine

Beaded Boston MA Pullman Standard green line trolley electric train car bead embroidery pop art seed beads

Next, I must think about where I want this piece to go. I usually ask myself the following questions:

What kinds of beads should I use?
How should this piece be finished?
Should it be mounted on a canvas?
Should one of the doors open and close??
How deep should it be?
How thick should the felt foundation be?
How should this piece be supported from the back?
And, who will be riding inside the trolley??

Enquiring minds want to know. I think they’ll be surprised when they find out… 😉

8 thoughts on “>The Enquirer

  1. >when I read “…where I want this piece to go…” without reading further, my first thought was, Filene’s Basement of course! When I was young my grandmother lived off of Comm. Ave, and we always took the T to go anywhere, especially Filene’s Basement, her favorite place to shop. Have fun with this one as always!

  2. >that’s an amazing sketch, i must say..i’m sure like all the other pieces, it will be great. i really enjoyed seeing your creative process. kind of inspirational really.

  3. >Oh boy — another venture with you. Let’s see, I’ve been along for the ride in the orange truck, the fire truck, the pink car, the blue bus and the yellow submarine — (and I’m probably missing some — but it is after 2 AM) and now for a ride on the Boston Trolley. Looking forward to this too. Thanks for sharing it all with us.BG

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