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Remember that Beading To-Do List I showed you awhile ago?? I think I’ve got it under control. Here’s a list of what I’ve accomplished:

*Finished my Yellow Submarine.
*Printed out business cards.
*Filled out paperwork.

*Sent History Repeated to gallery in NC.
*Entered Fire Mountain Gems Beading Contest.
*Entered Bead Dreams competition.
*Sent bead-paintings to gallery in CA.
*Updated all my web pages with new photos.
*Reorganized photos on my website gallery.
*Ordered some items from CafePress.

Oh, remember when I designed new business cards not too long ago? Well, I decided that printing them out is too much of a bother. My printer doesn’t seem to like heavyweight paper anymore. Plus, it uses up way too much ink. I was trying to figure out what to do about that, then I remembered something Cynthia mentioned awhile back. MOO Cards! So, I uploaded some pics directly from my Flickr and cropped them to design these very fun mini cards. I was tired of standard business cards anyways. Everything about me & my beadwork is very non-traditional, so my business cards should be, too. Mini cards are about half the size of normal business cards, and you can add up to 6 lines of text on the back. Perfect! Check out the ones I created:

Lone Beader Moo Cards Business Beading Bead embroidery pop art gallery painting canvas cars submarine birds

I love these because people will be able to choose their favourite beaded image to go. Very cool! Delivery takes about 2 weeks since they come from the United Kingdom, but I think they’ll be worth the wait:) Now, all I have to do is send out my pieces to the Dairy Barn Arts Center, continue planning my trip to Prague, and start thinking about my next piece… I think organizing the rest of my beads will just have to wait! 😉

19 thoughts on “>Just Say MOO

  1. >Moo Cards are fantastic – and I love your’s! For awhile, I was hoarding mine – but have decided to reorder some more when the current ones run out.

  2. >I had never heard about moo-cards but they are really great!!! I would love to have one of yours. 😉 That’s cool that they are printed in the UK, too. I need to remember this shop!

  3. >Really cool choice for your MOO cards. I received my order a couple weeks ago and they are very nice. The stock they are printed on is high quality and nice clear bright cards. Everyone that sees them loves them. you’ve made a great choice.

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