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Thanks so much for all of your comments regarding my beaded Yellow Submarine! Would you believe that took me 10 weeks to complete?? When it was finished, it felt like quite an accomplishment, so I took some well-deserved time to myself over the holiday weekend:)

I am also quite proud to see my new bead-painting hanging on my wall, but it is hanging where History Repeated was… Last week, I shipped that piece off to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to be exhibited in Dimensions 2008. I have shipped some of my smaller beaded pieces before, but this was the first time I had to ship a 24″ x 30″ painting. Since it’s impossible to find a suitable box for fine art of this size, I took my painting to my local UPS store. They double-box the artwork to protect the canvas, which they surround in packing peanuts. The only thing they would not do was include a prepaid shipping label, so my work will be shipped back to me COD (cash on delivery). That is okay with the Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, but I don’t know how all other galleries would react.

And, speaking of that, I still have a few other things to ship. Here is a photo of the 3 bead-paintings I plan to ship to Side Show Studios in Sacramento, CA:

Bead embroidery fine art shipping packing Boston pop art Side Show Studios textile show UPS
These pieces are much smaller, and they all fit in one box, which is great. I have used all bubble wrap, but I will also add some more cardboard on both top and bottom. You have to remember that people usually use knives to open boxes, so you have to take proper care when packing canvases.

At the same time, I have even smaller pieces to ship to the Dairy Barn Arts Center (as well as my beaded fire truck) for Bead International. (Yes, my to-do list is long…) So, I figured I’d get that ready to ship, as well. These pieces are bead-embroidered ACEOs, or artist trading cards. I plan to offer them for sale in the gallery shop just for fun. I have only made a handful of these. They are individually packaged in resealable plastic sleeves. I still have to add price stickers to each package, but other than that, they’re pretty much ready to go. I will probably ship these smaller items via USPS.

Bead embroidery fine art shipping packing Boston pop art Dairy Barn Arts Center gallery Athens OH ACEO
I also have consignment agreements and inventory lists to fill out for each event. And, I have to remember to include an artist statement, as well as a pile of business cards to promote my website…

Bead embroidery fine art shipping packing Boston pop art Side Show Studios textile show consignment
Very soon, most of my pieces will have left me. .. 😦

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  1. >Just discovered your site. Your beadwork is wonderful!Mind my asking–what method do you use for the ATCs? Is it bead embroidery?

  2. >I haven’t made an ATC and don’t quite know how I’d do it as I’m pushed for time. I swear, this exercising for an hour a day just eats up the mornings. But, I do feel good for it. I used to time my stuff and found that a lot of times the boxing places will do the packing for a fee and then you pick it up, add the label and all the rest and you ask for a return tag added to the package and they will ship it that way at UPS. Might be a different thing in your state, but it is less expensive that COD and if you are shipping and buying insurance on items 3-4 times a month, which I had happen, it is less expensive that way. Good luck!

  3. >Wow, loooove your yellow submarine, it is fantastic. I bet the City of Liverpool would love that, they are celebrating European Capital of Culture.PS biig thankyou for commenting on my blog

  4. >I know your showings will be a great success! It is a lot of work to pack everything with great care and fill out all the paper work! Man, you have been busy. Glad you took some time for yourself this past weekend…well deserved is an understatement! I can understand about your pieces not being near, especially so many at one time, as these are your prized possessions, but how exciting! You should feel so proud. Can’t wait to see the magic you bring us next! ;)Isn’t Prague soon? Hope you’ll share pic’s of your trip and some of the new radiant little glass treasures you find! Don’t know that I’ll ever get there in my life, but Lord help me if I ever did! LOL…

  5. >Thanks for all the comments!! Yes, all this beading is keeping busy!! 🙂 Shipping is not fun, but necessary. I don’t know why UPS won’t include prepaid shipping labels for individuals. It is rather inconvenient that they won’t. And, what’s next?? You’ll just have to wait and see! 😀

  6. >So UPS will include pre-paid for retail places and other businesses, but not for individuals or artists? That’s weird.Good luck with the showings!

  7. >Busy lady! Just think you pieces will be admired by many people and you will sell those little ATCs for sure.All that space you will now have….what will you do next I wonder…….I’m thinking, if your anything like me…. it wont be yellow….lol

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