>Happy School


All that talk about Bob Ross caused me to paint ‘happy little’ fish near my beaded Yellow Submarine! Check ’em out! 😀

Beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine Pop art Boston Bead Mixed Media artist Blind fish whales Blue Meanies Beadwork(click to enlarge)


Ya know, 2 days ago, I was really starting to second guess myself. I thought “I can’t paint – why am I trying to do this??” Then, I remembered that there is an uncertain stage at every one of my pieces. So, I just kept on paintin’, and today, I feel much more certain. And, I’m even starting to enjoy painting! (Don’t worry Meanies, I’ll get back to beading one of these days… )

22 thoughts on “>Happy School

  1. >Your beaded submarine and fish are spectacular! And you should definitely keep right on painting because there is no right or wrong way to paint when you paint from the heart.As for blue meanie, what an interesting concept. why have i never heard of these before? so i followed your link and did some research and started sketching my own vision of a blue meanie…one of these days i’ll bring it to life! Ronda

  2. >Lone, I noticed on your live traffic feed a couple of visitors from Stumbleupon. I checked it out, signed up even, but I’m not sure I get the concept. How do you use it? As a search engine mostly or as a promotion tool?

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