Today, I started working on the painted background for my beaded Yellow Submarine. I placed all of my pieces on the canvas, and traced around them. I added a Beatles image in the upper left-hand corner. Then, I sketched in a couple of ideas I had before I tried to paint.

Beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine bead embroidery painting acrylics beading pop art Boston artistI say ‘try’ because clearly, painting is not my forté. I usually get nervous with a blank canvas in front of me. I hold the paintbrush like a child not knowing where to start. Then, when I do start, I usually just drag the brush over the canvas several times until it looks right.

Beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine bead embroidery painting acrylics beading pop art Boston artist(24″ x 36″)

And, it doesn’t look right, yet. I don’t know if I like the sketch now that I have painted and I also don’t think I like the gray and blue colours. But, at least it’s a start. I’ll have a look at it with fresh eyes tommorrow…

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  1. >Oh I just LOVE it! I’m a total sucker for the Yellow Submarine, and used the image in an assemblage piece a few years ago. No beads involved (gasp!) but I sure did love playing with it 🙂

  2. >Wow! We’re all thinking for you, LB, but I’m thinking the grey whales might look better in the other side of the picture or mixed up with the green ones a bit. Just a thought. I like the idea of adding a touch of green to the water, too. That seems good to me. I don’t think you are quite there yet, but other than that, I can’t see it yet, to make better suggestions.

  3. >Fresh eyes is always good! Have u used any green in the water yet? I’m thinking aqua agua…a balance w them green whales? Just throwing it out…looks great.

  4. >Thanks for the comments. Yes, Denise, I was aiming for a division of the colour, but I don’t know if the colour is right just yet. We’ll see what happens today…. :0

  5. >Oh, this is an exciting part of the project!! It’s going to be so much fun to see you paint this canvas and play with your colours. The sub and the whales are just so much fun!!! Looking at it on my monitor, I see a division in colour at the top of the sub, with the more grey water on the left, the more blue on the right. I don’t have any advice or anything, cause I’m not a painter, just telling you what I see. Were you aiming for that?Cheers, Denise

  6. >The suspense is killing me!!! 😀 I can’t wait to see the finished piece 🙂 it already looks amazing!!! i love the whales! i love the sub! 🙂

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