>New Art Supplies


Beaded Beatles Beading painting Pop art Boston Bob Ross paint canvas golden acrylics beadwork mixed media(click to enlarge)

Painting this 24″ x 36″ canvas for my beaded Yellow Submarine should be a joy with my new 2″ Bob Ross Background Blender brush. 😀

15 thoughts on “>New Art Supplies

  1. >Now blogger was “edacious” to my comment. I said, I would love to see you with that wig!!! But I hope you don’t look like Diana Ross afterwards with it! 😛

  2. >I love to use Golden brand paints, I just don’t have a store close that carries a good supply with out being super expensive. I’m drooling over your brushes! Oh, beautiful!

  3. >That’s a great picture! Always fun to come over and look at your work.Please come see my post. It’s not your typical WW day at “Live from Waterloo”! 🙂

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