>Under Siege


Here is a quick glimpse of my vision for what will eventually be my largest piece of bead embroidery yet – an 18″ wide beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine.

Undoubtedly, you remember the music-hating Blue Meanies from the original 1968 Yellow Submarine film. Well, they cannot swim, so they must hijack the beaded submarine to continue their war effort against music, art, and freedom. As they embark on their journey, the deep blue sea suddenly turns into a dark depressing gray helter skelter

14 thoughts on “>Under Siege

  1. >Thanks for the comments! Believe it or not, this piece is still not finished yet. I still have to paint a canvas, and stitch all of the submarine and my beaded whales to it. :0

  2. >Just crossed your path by noticing your myspace and your lone beader definition. Wow, great talent you have …enjoying your creations.

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