Hey Tito!

Last week, Nauma (in Argentina) had mentioned that she recently got an English bulldog named Tito. His previous owners were never around, and it seemed that he was always lonely. So, they left him at Nauma’s house with all of his belongings, and still, she thinks he is sad. She does not know if they get along with each other, either. I have been around dogs for most of my life, and I think it will just take Tito some time to get used to his new home, as well as his new family. Or, perhaps he needs some cheering up!

Beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine Hey Bulldog bead embroidery Boston pop artist Sea of Whales London(click to enlarge)


Tito, pretend that you are riding in my beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine surrounded by friends, and soon you will be happy again! (But if you’re still lonely, you can talk to me. 😉

Beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine Hey Bulldog bead embroidery Boston London pop artist Sea of Whales(click to enlarge)
Also, as you can see, I finally finished beading my 4th and final whale! He measures over 6″ wide x 5″ tall, including the fins. I used size 15 seed beads for his body in 4 different grays to achieve shading on his body. I also layered some seed beads on his fins, and eyelid. The bead embroidery did take awhile, but I really like how he turned out. In fact, I think he’s my favourite! 🙂

Where will our underwater adventure take us next?? 😉

16 thoughts on “Hey Tito!

  1. >It’s funny to see Tito in the submarine. He seems to be happy with all your friends and curious with what is happening on the seabed.I will keep this picture in the album of Tito. Thanks LB

  2. >Thanks so much for everyone’s comments on this! I hope Tito becomes happy soon! And, I don’t know that I will name the gray whale… Also, I did not know of the great white whale. I will look that one up! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  3. >I saw on the news yesterday that a rare great white whale was spotted swimming amongst a pod of orcas. They showed some pictures and I told my husband that I think your big whale is a great white whale. The whale is actually gray (at least it looked that way) and had a DORSAL FIN! They said people so rarely see them it’s hard to tell how many there are. I told him I wondered if you knew about these whales already.Good job with the beading too!Poor Tito. He may be like a couple of my dogs who were ignored or abused – they take a lot of warming up to learn a person is worth bothering with. It’s up to the person to prove themself not the dog to overcome; at least that’s what I think the dog’s view is!

  4. >Absolutely LOVE the gray whale. Tell Tito that smile isn’t and “I’m going to have your for lunch” smile — it is just a friendly smile and gray whale will be Tito’s friend. Along with the zillion other readers of your blog who love animals.

  5. >animals that have been neglected or have not been socialized well take a little time to feel comfortable around someone new. it is probably very confusing for him right now. he will come around. dogs are social by nature once he realizes that she isnt going to neglect and abandon him he will be a happy dog.

  6. >The Yellow Sub and whales are looking awesome! Poor Tito .. he just needs time to adjust. If his previous owner ignored him, he’s just not used to having someone pay attention to him. He’ll be okay.

  7. >He is quite a sight, your fourth whale, lone beader.I wonder how I would feel if I were sitting in your little submarine, surrounded by all those formidable whales. Scared, I guess.

  8. >I like the grey shark the most also. Since it is your favorite, maybe you can give it a name! Maybe his next aventure will bring him to meet octopus…

  9. >You know I had a good look at all the sharks and I think he’s my favourite too. Well done. FAZp.s. we hope Tito the dog cheers up soon he may be a bit depressed as he is still getting used to his new home.

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