>Whale of a Different Colour

>Beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine bead embroidery green whales Boston bead pop art gray killer revolution jaws

Gray is a pretty radical change from the green seed beads I was using before… but ya know, I think it’s gonna be alright… 😀


Beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine bead embroidery gray whale Boston bead pop art killer revolution jaws(click to enlarge)

26 thoughts on “>Whale of a Different Colour

  1. >Very cool whales:) To answer your question about what recycled materials I use, I usually am attracted to color first…for example when my brightly colored shampoo and/or conditioner bottles are emptied I know I will get great use of them…thickness is also a major factor. I need the plastic to be sturdy. I’ve found that the sturdier plastics are usually the ones not recyclable in my area. So it’s a win win! Aluminum cans are great to, I can create cool texture. Today I worked with (red)peanut butter lids. I love the rich color and the sturdy material. I hope to post them soon! Thanks for asking…

  2. >Love all the whales! We all are shades of different colors. Looking forward to seeing #4! Thank you for stopping by and it is my pleasure! You are so inspiring, your bead work is amazing and it’s always a pleasure to read the stories and watch the progress that you share. You lucky lady…Prague! Seems to me you could use a little relaxation, exploring, and fun…with a little shopping included!:-) How cool! I hope you’ll share about your trip when you return and maybe a picture of some of your new stash! Bead on…it is certainly your calling!

  3. >Haha! No, the whales are not named. If they were, they would simply be called ‘The Sea of Whales’ like in the original film. LOL.Also, thanks for stoppin by Dorothee! 😀

  4. >bop shoobie dooo wapwhen are you off to prague? I was thinking i might try to meet up with you there if you’re there over a weekend (?)xxpink

  5. >Pretty smiles! Regarding the color, don’t think grey is the color to go with sharks anyway? And the result is really nice.Also, smart choice for the word “revolution” left on my blog 🙂 Bravo! It will published on Sunday, and thanks for your participaTION…

  6. >LOL. Thanks for the comments! BeadExplorer, you are right. And, the reason he is different will become apparent soon. Also remember, I still have one more whale to complete. 🙂

  7. >Wow!! Those whales rock!! Love them and the grey is awesome, espcially with the shading on his top nose part!You have such and incredible eye!!Cheers, Denise

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