>Gray is the New Green


Last night, I stayed up until 3am doing beadwork and watching DVDs! But, it was great because I finished beading my 2nd green whale, then I started working on the 3rd whale. If you’re a new reader, these whales will accompany my beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine in an underwater adventure when everything is all complete. (You can take a peek at my sketch HERE.)

Beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine bead embroidery green gray whales beadwork beading work table Boston pop artist Lone Beader

Above is a quick look at my worktable. As you can see, the chartreuse seed beads are gone, and many different grays have taken their place. I used size 11 matte transparent grey and green-lined yellow seed beads for the whales fins and tail. And, I plan to use a variety of size 15 seed beads for the body of the whale. Take a look at him up close:

Beaded Beatles Yellow Submarine bead embroidery green grey whales beadwork beading work table Boston pop artist Lone Beader

If these whales were in the original Yellow Submarine film, why do you think I chose grey??

16 thoughts on “>Gray is the New Green

  1. >Holy Bead Blast Batman!!!To Cool!!!I know nothing about beads, but I really like the whales.Almost makes me want an aquarium just to put in one of your whales!Blame Jay for my visit!

  2. >Thanks, everyone, for stoppin by today. Corky, no, I don’t have any cats. I’m a dog person anyways… I thought you knew that! LOL. ;)Mateo, thank you for your comment! You are so sweet! I’m glad you like my beaded whales! :)Beadexplorer! Good guess, but that is not the reason. Anonymous, thanks for stoppin by. Good guess, too. I’m always running out of certain colour beads, but in this case I have a ton of green seed beads left. I was inspired to go with grey after I had told myself all the whales would be green. Everyone will just have to wait and see why… 😉

  3. >Moby Dick is the only whale anyone remembers. I used to sponser a whale named Najavo and he was sort of a loner and turned up on the radar about every two years. Whales are great mammals to learn about.

  4. >I would venture to guess that the last whale is grey beacuse you ran out of green beads?!! ;0 – BTW – I love the whales and the yellow submarine. I’m sure you have a better reason for the color grey, don’t keep us in suspense too long.

  5. >These whales are so much fun – D! Chartreuse is one of my favorite colors. I love those super productive moments too – I wish I could stay awake past 10, lol

  6. >Thanks for the comments! This whale is reminiscent of Moby Dick. LOL.And, thanks for thinking of me, Pink. I have some pearls in my collection, but mostly freshwater pearls.

  7. >I almost bought a nice set of pinkish pearls in a charity shop but the antique clasp didn’t stay closed. I thought of you but since all the pearls were graduated, I didn’t think they’d really work in your beading :(Well here I thought green was the new black. What do I know?xxpinks

  8. >I’m going to have to guess because of the ultimate coloring of the blue background, and the competition of colors within the overall scheme? Just a swag. No matter what, it looks great! Love the expression on the whales!

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