>Historical Letter


Today, I was very surprised to find the following letter in my mailbox:

Lone Beader Bead embroidery bead artist Boston fine art exhibition Winston Salem Dimensions 2008My largest bead-painting, History Repeated, has been accepted into Dimensions 2008! This piece features my beaded Triumph GT6 and you can view it on my website. Dimensions 2008 is a national juried fine art competition & exhibition which is presented by the Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, NC. This show was established in 1964 to ‘showcase outstanding visual art in two- or three- dimensional media’. It takes place at the gallery from April 10- May 23, 2008. You can take a peek at last year’s winners HERE. I am so thrilled! When I entered, I didn’t think I had a chance of getting in. I guess you just never know until you try… 😀

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  1. >Congratulations!!! Absolutely wonderful news.Gosh, I remember from a couple years ago (?) when you didn’t think you were ready to enter juried art competitions. “You’ve come a long way, baby!”

  2. >Thanks! And, I don’t care about winning anything. Like I said, art should never be a competition. I am just thrilled that people will get to see my work in person at an established art gallery. 🙂

  3. >Thanks for the comments! That piece is a stretched canvas, and it is wired on the back for hanging, so I believe it is ready to show. It does not need a frame. Now, I just have to figure out how to ship it… :0

  4. >What a great honour!! And so well deserved! It’s an amazing piece of work!Is it ready to be displayed? Is there anything you need to do to get it ready? Congradulations!Denise

  5. >Lone beader that is BRILLIANT and I am so happy for you,but man that is an amazing piece technically, conceptually and visually. I am glad it is recognized as such.

  6. >I looked at the last few year’s winners, and you definitely belong with this group! Your work is innovative and meticulous. I look forward to seeing more of your work appear in such shows!(translation: you rock, girl!)Joann

  7. >Congratulations to your Triumph having been accepted in the competition and exhibition.Maybe I better buy the beaded owl which I love so, your “Messenger”, before you get very famous and prices too high for me?

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