10 thoughts on “>Strawberry Coral

  1. >Hi lone beader,those two green whales look so bright, but their teeth a bit frightening – more like sharks’ teeth to me.I love listening to “Strawberry Fields” by the Beatles, while I am writing this.

  2. >Ha! Fénix, I haven’t named the whales yet… Should I? LOL. And, there’s a great book available from a past Bead International Exhibit called Contemporary Bead Art. I checked it out at my public library once (years ago), and was awestruck at all of the things you could do with beads. I guess it is one of the books that inspired me. 🙂

  3. >I just checked out the Bead International link and I couldn’t believe my eyes! You have introduced me to a whole new world. I had no idea a person could create such wonderful things out of beads! Too bad all the links at that site are broken, but I did get to look at the thumbnails they have on their front page. That Yorkie and the purse (is that a purse?) blew my mind away. And it’s 3:38 in the morning and I’m still up… Sigh.

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